10 things to do on a rainy day

The wet season in Bali starts in December and goes through till late February.
It can be quite miserable during the wet season, its either gloomy for the entire day or sunny one minute and bucketing down the next.
If you are out on a sunny day, be aware that around 4pm it could suddenly change.
Driving, especially on motor bike can be very difficult not to mention dangerous.
But it can be pretty great during this time too, not so hot, less people, great light for photography….

10 things I would do if I were you on a rainy day

  1. Hang out at the Galeria mall ( my favorite mall experience by far )
  2. swim alone in a beautiful hotels pool – everyone else has headed back to their rooms
  3. buy a stack of cheapo dvd’s and watch them on your laptop
  4. use the free wi fi at a good people watching cafe like the corner store for example… or Potato head…
  5. Visit Ubuds big selection of art galleries
  6. go to a ‘ locals’ warung and spend the afternoon drinking ice tea and learning Bahasa Indonesian free by chatting to the locals there
  7. take magic mushrooms  – Just joking !!!  am I ? – Yes I am…
  8. Have a 2 hour massage, body scrub, reflexology, hair mask …
  9. put on your thongs/flip flops/jandals/sandals/slippers and rain poncho and walk along the beach
  10. stay in bed all day … with someone you dig

My best beaches list … so far


Pantai Putih
White sand beach in East Bali.. Hard to find ( which is why its so great )
Best to get a driver or taxi from Candi Dasa or Padang Bai.

Jimbaran Bay
nice place to swim, not many hawkers, cafes, good swimming beach with no big waves.
Fish market on the airport side, swimming best at the 4 Seasons end.

Geger Beach  – Nusa Dua

Unfortunately with developments like this, most of the coast in the tourist areas will be dominated by big resorts.

Candi Dasa  –  East Bali