Exhibition season – back to New Zealand for the summer…

Back home for Christmas and the New Zealand summer …pauanui beach

Every January I exhibit my new work at my NZ studio in Pauanui, a favorite summer holiday destination for Kiwis and visitors from overseas.. this is a great time for me and I get to sell direct to the art loving public before my new work goes into the commercial galleries and Art shops. My studio is open until the 20th of January. I will be returing to Bali on the 24th Jan !

open studio exh


We also hold a group New years exhibition at the shopping centre for 2 days with artists coming from all around the North Island, attracting lots of people and great sales again this year…


pauanui art expo

Relocated outdoors…

The season is definitely changing now – It’s becoming too hot to work inside – so I’m now working out on the deck.
My new studio space is cool and breezy !
With only about 6 week now until I return with my work to show in New Zealand, I’m working flat out to be ready in time.
Whoop whoop – after a fairly easy pace for most of 2012,  I’m finally getting fired up – matching the climate hmmmm…


An ending and a new beginning – life in Studio Kayu Manis

The end of one painting cycle

This latest diptych is inspired by a  Haiku written by the commissioner.  I have focused on the feet of both horse and rider – the horses galloping along in a powerful stride and the rider, with his feelings of being able to fly, literally leaves the ground.

This was the last in a series of commissions I have been working on since the beginning of  this year.
My Studio is now quiet and strangely empty…

…The beginning of a new cycle

Now that I have come to the end of the commissions I have only 6 months to paint a series of works to exhibit in New Zealand in January. So its back to work for me and time to think about what I want to focus on for the next series.

I have been to my frame maker this morning and placed an order for my new frames… a beginning !

Now I need to think about what I intend to paint… I was explaining to my friend,  yesterday, that a new idea, as it begins to form, is like waking in the morning and trying to recollect the dream you were just having… its kinda just beyond reach but you still  ” feel”  its presence.  During this time I prepare my canvas’s … stretching ,  priming and underpainting … this is what I call the meditative stage. The ideas and feeling somehow come together and then a burst of creative power erupts…